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4 Essential Features for Onboarding Technology

Dan Kimmel, Director of Sales
4 Essential Features for Onboarding Technology
For agency leaders, operating in a frequently changing employment landscape is nothing new. But gig work, mobile technology, and ongoing talent shortages have profoundly changed the nature of employment, placing employees squarely in the driver’s seat. Here are 4 features we think should be part of any top-of-the-line onboarding technology.

Make it Mobile
A best-in-class onboarding app will allow talent to enter their personal data once into the mobile app and have all forms populated automatically, creating a streamlined consumer experience. This will allow them to move through any necessary onboarding transactions with ease, efficiency, and convenience – and with less reliance on your recruiters.
Make it Automated
The best onboarding solutions will provide recruiters with the ability to trigger entire workflows from a selectable menu of tasks, including background checks, Form I-9 and E -Verify, relevant tax documents, and any other forms that require employee signatures.
Make it Modular & Configurable
The right onboarding tool should also be highly configurable to allow your recruiters to easily and efficiently pre-configure workflows that can be adapted to meet your clients’ specific work requests – and then be saved for continuous re-use.
Make Sure it Integrates Seamlessly
Any onboarding software you adopt should seamlessly integrate into your main ATS. This will allow for all candidate information to remain in one place. By creating one source of truth for applicant data, you can help to reduce redundancy which will speed redeployment efforts.