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Heather Farr, CSP

Managing Partner, The Vision Companies


In a post-COVID world, the lines are blurred. Work/Life has a fluidity we’ve not seen in the marketplace before. Now more than ever, it’s important to communicate expectations at the forefront to set everyone up for success in the hiring process and duration of employment. Often, characteristics sought in a hire are unspoken and summarized as “fit” when a decline comes through. However, when you take a moment to reflect or dig deeper to understand what was demonstrated in an interview or in job performance, you’ll find unmet expectations – and unclear communication of those expectations.


A quick Google search will give you an exhaustive list of common expectations from employers, but what you’ll find is that most of them aren’t included in job descriptions. In a rapidly evolving world and workplace, it’s paramount we take the time to spell out what we are looking for, not so that someone can say “I have a positive attitude,” “I am motivated,” “I am helpful,” or “I am dependable” – but instead, it is demonstrated through their actions.


This fluid marketplace requires us to be thoughtful, purposeful and to be confident and courageous in presenting ourselves, our candidates, and our great work in a highly competitive and hard-to-catch world. Be clear of your expectations, hold people accountable to more than checking a box and let people soar.