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Minimum wage debate takes off in St. Paul, with next mayor promising $15

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November 28, 2017
Tom Stockstill capped his early morning Black Friday shift at Herberger's by joining dozens of protesters across the parking lot, who were chanting in front of Walmart in St. Paul's Midway neighborhood. "What do we want? $15! When do we want it? Now!" he and other supporters of a $15 minimum wage yelled. For Stockstill, the change would boost his hourly wage by $5.50 and move him out of the "crackerbox" room he lives in. A powerful coalition of unions, progressive activists and religious leaders are amplifying stories like Stockstill's. ... If St. Paul passes a minimum wage ordinance, it could face challenges from outside the city. State legislators who tried to block local minimum wage ordinances last year could make another attempt. And the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is suing Minneapolis, arguing they don't have the power to set a minimum wage that differs from state law.  MNRSA is a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit.
Dee Schutte, Executive Director

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